Live Bottom Trailer Options and Attachments

We have various attachments available to enhance the productivity of your Live Bottom Trailer. These options make your job even easier.

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Spreader & Shoulder Attachment

We have Shouldering and Spreader attachments available for the Live Bottom Trailer. This will increase the strength and versatility of the live bottom trailer. It comes with quick attach connectors which make installation incredibly easy. Once attached, you’ll be able to shoulder a road or even spread the material over a driveway, all from the comfort of the truck cab. Work smart, not hard.

Salt Spreader

The Salt Spreader sttachment enables you to dispense an even coat of road salt across roads and highways without the need to be out of the cab. Make the roads safer for everyone and take the bite out of the Winter period with the Salt Spreader sttachment.

Catapult Attachment

With the Catapult attachment on your Live Bottom Trailer, you can unload materials from up to 40ft away, and 12ft high. This can also be used to top up and reload other vehicles. Another great addition that gives the Live Bottom Trailer the edge over the standard tipper design.