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Sole UK suppliers of Trout River live bottom trailers, supplying the best live bottom trailer on the market today…

TCS prides itself on supplying the best live bottom trailer in the market today

To us, the “best” means understanding the customers needs when it comes to versatility, driver friendliness, longevity, safety and most importantly – the ability to make money. Transport Conveyor Systems are able to provide you with the absolute best non-tipping “tipper” on the market, the Trout River Live Bottom Trailer.

The Trout River live bottom trailers are designed to safely haul a variety of bulk products such as asphalt, aggregates, mining materials, agricultural products and salt. Unlike the more basic tippers available, the Trout River Live Bottom Trailer does not raise in the air – so you can unload indoors and work safely under bridges and wires. These are every day issues for the more standard and outdated tipper trucks but with the Live Bottom Trailer, they are no longer a problem.

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The Trout River Live Bottom Trailer

  • The chain has 70,000 lbs of pull strength, x 2, giving 140,000 lbs of strength
  • Full discharge of your payload in roughly 2 minutes. Fast, easy, with minimum effort
  • Able to unload without raising the trailer, allowing you to unload under low ceilings or power lines
  • Trout River is the only manufacturer of Live Bottom Trailers to use a hardened rail system for the conveyor
  • The Rounded “Tub” has a low centre of gravity, which keeps your load steady when driving
  • Trout Rivers Live Bottom Trailer is 2 feet lower than any competitor, making it safer to unload and much easier to load
  • Comes standard with a Reversing Valve which allows you to unload as little or as much, with total control